About Us

Bella Funk opened in November of 2006. Katie and Stef, two sisters, were best friends growing up and dreamed of one day owning a business together. At 23 and 24 years old, they saw the need for a boutique of high-end women's clothing in their hometown of Littleton as a perfect opportunity to live out their dreams.  They were feeling young and fearless and heavily inspired by their entrepreneurial parents who raised them to believe in the importance of taking risks. As a result, they both decided to quit their 9-5 jobs and take a leap together to open up Bella Funk. Their first "big" purchase was a plastic, free-standing (however, wobbly) female mannequin. Upon arrival, they prayed that one day she would have a home in a beautiful shop window somewhere.

Bella Funk is now well-established and highly recognized as a go-to women’s store in Littleton.

Since its opening in Littleton, locals have come to really appreciate and share the value of quality of products Bella Funk offers. Stef and Katie strive to offer high quality, everyday clothing that empowers women and makes them feel special. They like to provide for customers’ everyday needs but also offer up and coming trends for the fashion-forward customer.

When asked about the challenges they faced in the early stages, they said initially their biggest struggle was finding financing and feeling like they weren’t being taken seriously by banks who doubted their business plan and treated them like kids. They never let anyone deter them from their vision and learned to keep pushing, trying a new bank as soon as one said no. Their major piece of advice was @ female dreamers, aspiring entrepreneurs, established business owners--they said: “Never stop believing in yourself! Follow your passion and stick with it, 110%. It's worth the fight to get there.”

We are so thankful for our customers each and every day!

Thank you so very much for all your support, large or small, over the years! Because of our very loyal customers, Bella Funk has been able to establish a home in Littleton, NH. My sister and I are so grateful to have the oppurtunity to raise our children in this special place! And being able to provide you with inspiring pieces to add to your wardrobe and empower YOU, warms our hearts. Thank you for loving what we do!